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Part II of The Musician’s Way shows how musicians can overcome stage fright and become artistic performers. The following resources, links, and tips complement those chapters.

Overcome Performance Anxiety | Stage Deportment/Presence
Auditions and Competitions
| Beta-blockers | Blog

Overcome Performance Anxiety, Conquer Stage Fright

Excelling Under Pressure | Becoming a Confident Performer, via The MW Blog.

Conquering Performance Anxiety from Inside Out, by Helen Spielman.
A concise article with valuable strategies and tips. Articles to help musicians conquer stage fright and perform successfully, by Noa Kageyama, Ph.D.

Coping with Music Performance Anxiety, from UW, Eau Claire.

Taking Stock Before Taking the Stage. Insights from Bob Woody, Ph.D.

The Musician's Way, by Gerald Klickstein (Oxford, 2009). 11th printing, 2015.
The most complete resource ever created for aspiring musicians. Read reviews.

Performance Success, by Don Greene, Ph.D. (Theater Arts, 2001).
The Performance Anxiety Workbook, by Eric Maisel, Ph.D. (Back Stage, 2005).

“Negative Emotions in Music Making: The Problem of Performance Anxiety,” by A. Steptoe, in Music and Emotion, ed. Juslin & Sloboda, 291-307 (Oxford, 2001).

“The Fear of Performance,” by Elizabeth Valentine, in Musical Performance: A Guide to Understanding, ed. John Rink (Cambridge, 2002).

"Music performance anxiety: New insights from young musicians," by Dianna Kenny and Margaret Osborne, Advances in Cognitive Psychology (2/2-3), 2006.

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Stage Deportment and Presence

See p. 171-179 of The Musician's Way.

The Look of Music. Does stage presence affect competition outcomes?
A Musical illusion. Proof that on-stage gestures alter listeners' perceptions.

How to Improve Stage Presence. Articles by Gerald Klickstein.

"Visual Cues Impact Judgment of Piano Performances," Pacific Standard, 2011. How musicians' body language and gender can affect listeners.

Agile versus awkward stage deportment. Video for classical musicians.

"Classical Gasp: Yuja Wang's Dress at the Bowl Causes a Crescendo,"LA Times, Aug. 20, 2011. Evolving customs in concert attire.

Communicating with the Body in Performance,” by Jane Davidson, in Musical Performance, ed. John Rink, (Cambridge 2002). Stage deportment, stage presence, and more. Preview and purchase from

Stage Presence from Head to Toe, by Karen Hagberg (Scarecrow 2003).
Basic stage deportment for classical musicians. Preview on Google Books. Digitize scores and then turn pages with a foot pedal.

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Audition and Competition Strategies & Info for Musicians

See p. 217-222 of The Musician's Way.

Musical America Directory of Competitions. Free online tool to find contests.
Competitions: Behind the Scenes. Free report from Musical America (2012).

World Federation of International Music Competitions. Index of 120+ contests.
Bridge: Worldwide Music Connection. Competition and job listings. Free trial. Database listing a small number of competitions.

Nail Your Audition. The Competition Question. Articles by Gerald Klickstein.

Symphony Auditions – Preparation and Execution, by trombonist Douglas Yeo.

What the Fach?! A Guide for Opera Singers Auditioning & Working in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland (2nd Edition, 2010), by Philip Shepard.

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Beta-Blockers and Musicians

"Musicians and Beta-Blockers." Are beta-blockers safe, effective, and appropriate? Via The Musician's Way Blog.

"Is Popping Pills the Sure Way to Beat Performance Nerves?"
Excellent article with info from diverse experts, The Strad, 2013/2010.

"Beta Blockers Help Some Musicians Fight Stage Fright," by Sarah Bryan Miller, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 24, 2013.

"Beta-blockers used by musicians, athletes, students to enhance performance."
By Vabren Watts, The Philadelphia Inquirer, August 16, 2010.

Beta Blockers and Performance Anxiety in Musicians – Frequently Asked Questions.” A classic article by Harby, Kucharski, Tuck, and Vasquez (1997).

Athlete at Beijing Olympics stripped of medals for using beta-blockers.
Discover magazine, August, 2008.
In Defense of the Beta-Blocker. Bioethicist Carl Elliott on the 2008 Olympic controversy. The Atlantic, August, 2008.

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