Reviews of The Musician's Way, by Gerald Klickstein

The Musician’s Way is fantastic, and is a must-read for every student and professional. . . . The book is a gold mine of information that will help musicians around the world.”

International Trumpet Guild Journal, October 2011

“An outstanding accomplishment . . . The Musician’s Way should be on the shelf of every aspiring professional musician and every serious music educator.”

Clavier Companion, May/June 2010

“Provides a wealth of information that would otherwise take years to accrue.”

British Journal of Music Education, Vol. 28, no. 1, March 2011

The Musician’s Way is wonderfully thought-out and organized. . . . The third chapter alone is worth about five times the cost of the book itself!”

David Hodge,

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“Klickstein takes a common-sense approach and works his way through techniques for improving every aspect of a performer’s life, from ways to memorise a piece to dealing with performance anxiety. . . . It’s all very well thought through and an interesting read.”

The Strad, May 2010

“Mr. Klickstein presents so much helpful information that you will be itching to sit at the piano with his book beside you while you practice.”

Natalie Weber, Music Matters Blog

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“I’ve read (and re-read in many cases) most books out there on practice and this is one of the best, hands down . . . Very highly recommended.”

Jonathan Harnum, The Practice of Practice

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“Klickstein covers the gamut of issues, tips, and ideas that make up the world of the serious musician. . . . Students hunger for this kind of knowledge.”

Notes, June 2010

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“Articulates both an artistic approach to attaining mastery of an instrument/voice and a practical approach to achieving professional goals. . . Uniquely holistic.”

Philosophy of Music Education Review, Vol. 19, no. 1, Spring 2011

“If you have a musical problem, he probably has a solution. Gerald Klickstein’s new book is comprehensive guide for the aspiring young musician from the onset of serious study to implementing career goals.”

Diana Gannett, Bass World, Feb. 2010

“Engaging and well-written and a valuable resource for every performer seeking to develop their craft and maintain career longevity.”

Psychology of Music Vol. 36, no. 3, July 2011

“One of the best overall approaches to the music learning process . . . Gerald Klickstein’s thoughtful writing carefully layers mountains of material into a meaningful whole.”

Christopher Cook, American Organist, August 2018

“Beautifully written in a conversational tone . . . It should have a permanent place on any musician’s bookshelf.”

The Horn Call October 2011

“A valuable read for teachers, performers, and students alike.”

The Clarinet, March 2013

“A man of extensive of experience, Klickstein is obviously very well read and has taken great effort to research the issues and problems every music student faces.”

American Music Teacher, Feb/March 2010

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“A must-have for those students who want a career in music & their teachers.”

Regina Zona,

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“You owe it to yourself to read this book.”

Christopher Davis,

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“A wonderful tool for all aspiring musicians.”

Chad Criswell,

“A comprehensive guidebook from an experienced, insightful musician. . . . You must read this book.”

Stringendo, journal of the Australian Strings Association Volume 32, no. 1, 2010

“One of the most important books on musicianship in recent decades.”

Joseph Docksey, Former Director, Lamont School of Music, University of Denver

“A masterful work, which I believe will quickly be recognized as the finest guide to the art of musical performance produced by our generation.”

Kevin Lawrence, Artistic Director, Green Mountain Chamber Music Festival. Professor of Violin, University of North Carolina School of the Arts

“The entire music profession has received a great and much-needed gift from Gerald Klickstein. The Musician’s Way is a landmark and essential guide for every serious musician.”

Barbara Lister-Sink, Professor of Piano, Salem College

I predict that The Musician’s Way will be an instant classic. It is the most useful, comprehensive book I have ever read on developing the skills of a successful performer. Every music lover – student, professional, amateur, and teacher alike – should own this book.”

Jeffrey Solow, Professor of Cello, Temple University

The Musician’s Way is the brainchild of an experienced and insightful teacher who has thought long and hard about how musicians can maximize their artistic success while coping with the stresses of music making. In clear and engaging language, the author leads us down the complex pathways navigated by musicians and provides sound directions at every turn.”

Alice G. Brandfonbrener, MD, Founding Director, Medical Program for Performing Artists, Northwestern University Medical School

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