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The documents on this page aid music practice, performance preparation, and other sorts of creative work. Feel free to download and print them for educational and self-study purposes but please don’t share, post, or republish them without my permission.

Free Music Practice Downloads

Music Practice Logs, Schedule, and More, by Gerald Klickstein

Practice Sheet
Document your practice goals in the 5 practice zones. A simple but powerful planning tool! See pages 6-10 of The Musician’s Way.

Practice Schedule
Along with an electronic calendar, a paper schedule helps many of us boost our productivity. Print out this chart and then mark the times when you’ll practice.

Practice Log
Note when you work and what you achieve, as described in The Musician’s Way, pages 7-11. Especially helpful when modifying your practice routine.

Practice Log Check Sheet
Check off each day that you practice specific titles. Excellent over the short term when changing habits, routines, or teachers.

Practice Assessment
32 true/false statements to assess your practice habits. Excerpted from Chapter 5 of The Musician’s Way.

Performance Skill Assessment
Gauge your expertise with performance skills. See Part II of The Musician’s Way and the Music Performance articles on The Musician’s Way Blog.

30-day Graph of Practice Time or Quality
Create a visual chart of your daily practice.

Sample 30-day Graph of Daily Practice Time
How a student used a graph to manage and increase his practice time.

Performance or Concert Preparation Timeline
Plan details over weeks or months. See a sample on p. 218 of The Musician’s Way.

Pre-performance Inventory
Ensure that you and your equipment are ready before you depart for an event. Pages 157-163 of The Musician’s Way provide a description and model.

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Recommended Digital Recorders
Zoom H4n Pro. A musician favorite
Zoom H2n. Excellent for self-study recording
Zoom Q4n (video). Exceptional video & audio

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