Pianist practicing intently - Musician's Way Newsletter“Just as people form mental maps to guide their walking, expert musicians depend on inner maps to steer their performances.”
The Musician’s Way,
p. 35

The Summer 2021 issue of The Musician’s Way Newsletter features dozens of articles designed to inspire, inform and entertain.

The content spans topics of interest to performers, composers, music educators, and music enthusiasts.

Music News, Inspiration, Resources

Summer music festivals are getting under way in both virtual and in-person formats, so, in this summer issue, I highlight two resources that list events.

You’ll find essays about creativity and problem solving, too, along with resources to reinvigorate music practice.

Added to that are articles exploring developments in film music and streaming.

Readers additionally benefit from access to new research into strategies to reduce airborne disease transmission during ensemble rehearsals and performances.

I also share fresh data showing the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on sectors of the music industry.
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