dramatic closeup of piano strings and dampers - Musician's Way Newsletter“Confidence doesn’t hinge on eliminating all nervous interference; rather, it results from knowing that you’re able to perform well whether you deal with interference or not.”
The Musician’s Way
p. 182

The Spring 2024 issue of The Musician’s Way Newsletter brings together an array of articles and insights for musicians, all curated by Gerald Klickstein.

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Here are highlights from the Spring 2024 issue:

Inspired Music Practice

If your practice could use some refreshing, there are inspiring articles about deepening your learning, integrating artistry into technical work, and making repetition more creative.

Another helpful piece clarifies the distinctions between a healthy pursuit of excellence and the harboring of toxic perfectionist habits.

Better Performances for Bigger Audiences

Whether you’re seeking ways to boost your confidence on stage or program more distinctive repertoire, this issue offers ideas to do both.

In tandem, an eminent U.S. arts consultant offers prescriptions for building concert audiences.

Evolutions in the Music Industry

Did you know that vinyl record sales now exceed those of CDs, which have fallen to trivial levels? This new edition of The Musician’s Way Newsletter encapsulates that and other key data from assorted branches of the music industry.

Two other articles look at ways that AI is affecting music creation, performance and production.

Another piece considers the use of caption glasses – an emerging technology that eliminates the need for audience members to read either projected superscripts or programs during performances.The Musician's Way Book Cover

News & Insights

Interviews with both veteran and emerging musicians demonstrate some ways to grow music careers and construct meaning in our work.

Additional articles highlight a range of newsworthy items, among them, the extraordinary music museum that houses more than 15,000 instruments but is located in a small town in the American Great Plains.

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