Violinist playing soulfully - Musician's Way Newsletter“Herein lies the secret to artistry on the concert stage: Artistic performers are prepared performers.”
The Musician’s Way,
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The Fall 2021 issue of The Musician’s Way Newsletter brings together dozens of resources for music students, professionals, and aficionados.

You’ll find ideas for better practice, teaching, career-building, concert planning and much more.

Insights, Advice, and Inspiration

Both teachers and students will find articles to inspire and inform their work. Among those are essays on dealing with performance stress and guidelines for students to fund their educations without burdensome debt.

Concert presenters and entrepreneurial performers will discover ticket pricing strategies, grant programs, and ideas for offering live plus digital concerts.

Added to that are articles highlighting new educational resources and music industry news, for instance:

  • Want to learn more about women composers? I link to an newly published map loaded with information and links.
  • Curious as to why Stradivari and Guarneri instruments sound the way they do? New research reveals that the component woods were treated with mineral salts that altered their structures, but not for the reasons previously assumed.

As always, I compile a range of articles that empower musicians to practice effectively, fuel motivation, and unleash creativity.
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