electric bass player - Musician's Way Newsletter“Music has been my oxygen.”
John Williams, composer
The New York Times, 8 Feb. 2022

The Summer 2022 issue of The Musician’s Way Newsletter has arrived in subscribers’ inboxes and is being shared widely.

Its dozens of articles cover topics ranging from practice tips to music industry news to career enhancers to inspiring stories.

Better Practice & Performance

Novice and veteran musicians alike will find ideas to improve music practice and boost creativity.

Companion articles describe ways to present better performances and attract more people to them – one illustrates a fresh type of concert that spurs audiences to attend.

Other writings tackle subjects such as managing on-stage adrenaline, promoting events, diversifying repertoire, and more.

Professional Growth

Student and professional musicians will benefit from reading the articles that delve into career opportunities, traveling with instruments, and building music businesses.

There’s also a link to a grant-writing guide, which enables musicians to tap the vast amounts of funding available for music projects.

Other articles spotlight musicians and organizations that are thriving in today’s music scene, offering valuable models that we can adapt.The Musician's Way Book Cover

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