artistic closeup of cello soundboard and bridge - Musician's Way Newsletter“Security in performance doesn’t result from purging all nervous symptoms. It arises from knowing that you can perform well whether you feel jumpy or not.”
The Musician’s Way, p. 150-51

The Winter 2023 issue of The Musician’s Way Newsletter has arrived in subscribers’ inboxes and is being widely shared. With more than 20 articles included, it covers topics of interest to diverse musicians and music lovers.

You’ll find guidelines for better practice and performance along with strategies to advance music careers. There’s important music industry news, too, as well as inspirational ideas to ignite creativity.

Strengthen Mental Skills

Mental skills enable musicians to focus under pressure, maintain positive mindsets, evaluate their performances, devise practice strategies, and more.

This issue zeroes in on key mental and emotional abilities that empower performers to excel in rehearsals, solo practice, and on stage.

Fuel Your Music Career

Some large performing arts institutions are dealing with dire financial problems, and you’ll read about one U.S. orchestra that will cease operations. Nonetheless, career possibilities abound for enterprising musicians.
The Musician's Way Book Cover

Two articles spell out strategies for musicians to discover and tap professional opportunities. Other articles point to developments in the music industry, research into the benefits of music lessons, and innovations affecting musicians worldwide.

Perform at Your Best

Probably every musician has, at one time or another, been negatively affected by stage nerves.

Several articles in this edition of The Musician’s Way Newsletter spotlight ways to understand and overcome performance anxiety as well as deliver heartfelt performances.

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