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The Fall 2023 issue of The Musician’s Way Newsletter is now available, and it features dozens of articles and resources, all curated by Gerald Klickstein.

Readers will find ideas to boost their practice habits, teaching techniques, and career growth.

Other articles highlight newsworthy developments in the music industry and beyond. Here are some examples.

Better Music Teaching

Studio classes enable music students to build performance skills, overcome nervousness, and evolve their artistic abilities.

In this issue of The Musician’s Way Newsletter, teachers will find a video and an article with ideas to modernize studio classes so that students acquire many more competencies than they do in traditional studio classes.

Underrepresented Composers

Performers, educators, and ensemble directors are all seeking to diversify their repertoire.

This edition of The Musician’s Way Newsletter presents multiple resources that simplify the discovery of historical and contemporary composers who are underrepresented in concerts, recordings, and curricula.

The Musician's Way Book CoverMusic & Health

We musicians depend on our sense of hearing, yet our work routinely exposes us to harmful levels of sound. You’ll discover a range of hearing conservation resources in this new issue.

You’ll also read about a new pilot study that demonstrates positive effects of therapeutic music making on epilepsy patients admitted to hospital.

Music Industry News & Inspiration

Projected holographic opera sets? Yes, indeed. And that’s just one of the music industry innovations you can learn about in this edition.

There’s also an in-depth piece about a thriving American orchestra that offers a model that other ensembles can adapt. Additional links capture inspiring stories of musicians making a difference in today’s music scene.

Improve Music Practice

Musicians who perform fluently gain their abilities in the practice room.

As with every issue of The Musician’s Way Newsletterthis one compiles articles with practice strategies that empower musicians to further their artistry, technique, and confidence.

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