The Musician's Way Book CoverThe Musician’s Way should be on the shelf of every aspiring professional musician and every serious music educator.”
Clavier Companion, May/June 2010

This week marks the two-year anniversary of the launching of

And what an incredible two years it has been.

Over the span of these 24 months, this site has received hundreds of thousands of pageviews, and The Musician’s Way has earned unanimous praise from reviewers worldwide.

This fall, the book will enter its sixth printing, and the brisk sales made it possible for to sponsor the prize money for the Junior Division of the 2011 American String Teachers Association National Solo Competition.

In celebration of this week’s anniversary, I’ve teamed up with Oxford University Press, publisher of The Musician’s Way, to make available two free copies of the paperback edition of the book, shipped free of charge anywhere on the globe that ordinarily receives deliveries. Yes, anywhere. So let’s here it from you far-flung music lovers.

Drawing Results: on July 28, generated 2 random numbers from among the range of 24 possibilities: 18 & 14. Congrats to Lirica and Emmanuel! And thanks to everyone who participated and for your kind comments. Your supportive words mean a great deal to me and help fuel my enthusiasm to continue publishing.

How to win
To be eligible to win a copy, comment on this post before 11:59 p.m. EDT on July 27, 2011. If you like, respond to the following question in your comment:

One entry per person; multiple comments won’t result in multiple entries.

If your comment doesn’t appear immediately, it might temporarily be held in a moderation cue. Regardless, eligibility will be determined according to the time comments are submitted not the time of their publication.

On the day following the entry deadline, entrants will be assigned numbers, and then I’ll use a random number generator to pick winners.

I’ll notify winners via email to obtain their shipping addresses, which I’ll send to Oxford (please don’t include shipping info in your public comment).

I guard your privacy
Although all commenters must supply email addresses, those addresses aren’t published, and, as indicated in my Privacy Policy, I never share addresses.

By entering this contest, however, the winners consent to have their names and shipping addresses shared with Oxford University Press solely for the purpose of shipping books.

I also invite you to subscribe to my free bimonthly newsletter; commenters aren’t automatically subscribed, so please sign up separately.

Thanks for your support
Most of all, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of you who have frequented this site, picked up copies of The Musician’s Way, and otherwise supported my efforts to help musicians succeed: Thank you!

Gerald Klickstein

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