photo from balcony of opera houseThe Musician’s Way articulates both an artistic approach to attaining mastery of an instrument/voice and a practical approach to achieving professional goals.”
Philosophy of Music Education Review,
Vol. 19, no. 1

The Winter 2018 issue of The Musician’s Way Newsletter compiles links to dozens of articles and resources.

Performers, teachers, students and enthusiasts will find up-to-date research, industry news, career tips, creativity boosters, and more.

You’ll find articles to inspire and improve music practice, attract more listeners to performances, and bolster public speaking skills.

One article, by noted music writer Alex Ross, explores the emotional foundations of film music. Another, by psychologist Daniel Goleman, spotlights 12 elements of emotional intelligence that help us be more effective music leaders and collaborators.

For U.S. musicians, there’s a helpful piece about how the new tax laws will affect us.

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