close-up photo of French horn“Mr. Klickstein presents so much helpful information that you will be itching to sit at the piano with his book beside you while you practice.”
-Natalie Wickham, Music Matters Blog

Thousands of readers are now enjoying the Spring 2018 issue The Musician’s Way Newsletter, which brings together an eclectic mix of articles curated by Gerald Klickstein.

Among the more than 20 resources, you’ll find practice tips, music industry news, suggestions to boost creativity, and insights that enhance our collaborative and leadership skills.

In total, the articles are meant for a broad audience of music students, enthusiasts, educators and entrepreneurs.

One piece, by pianist Stephen Hough, delves into the inner qualities of Debussy’s music; another links to a newly released digital edition of Mozart’s personal thematic catalog. Both incorporate audio samples.

There’s a description of an acclaimed music theory textbook and another practical article that shows how musicians can make better Facebook videos.

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