photo of woman playing a violin“Provides a wealth of information that would otherwise take years to accrue.”
Excerpt from a review of The Musician’s Way,
British Journal of Music Education 
(Vol. 28, no. 1)

The Summer 2018 issue The Musician’s Way Newsletter has arrived in subscribers’ inboxes and is being shared widely.

Curated by Gerald Klickstein, this new issue features dozens of articles for aspiring and veteran musicians.

The eclectic content ranges from practice ideas to inspirational stories to tips for orchestra audition success to music industry news.

Here are some highlights:

  • There’s a link to a free resource that aids musicians who fly with instruments.
  • An extraordinary multimedia feature explores the nature of improvised performance.
  • An article from the BBC illuminates the evolution of video game music.
  • Included as well is a link to a chart for determining whether a composition is in the public domain.

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