Close-up photo of cello bridge“Create meaning in everything that you practice, even the most mundane of materials.”
The Musician’s Way, p. 312

The Spring 2019 issue The Musician’s Way Newsletter has arrived in subscriber’s inboxes and is being shared widely.

As usual, this edition brings together an eclectic mix of articles and resources for performers, teachers, composers, and listeners alike.

You’ll find tips for better music practice and performance alongside articles about musicians’ health.

There are resources to boost practice efficiency, be more creative, and learn about women in music. An article exploring the neuroscience of music appears near another highlighting classical music in India.

Regarding issues of copyright and digital music, if you’ve ever wondered whether you can legally resell digital music or whether it’s necessary to register a copyright in order to take legal action against someone who infringes it, two must-read articles answer those questions.

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