Image of glowing light bulb“Out of discipline comes freedom.”
–Vincent Cichowicz, trumpeter

Imagine that you’re about to practice, write, compose, or perform:

How do you transition from daily life into creative mode?

Specifying goals is crucial but, on its own, may not suffice for us to quickly focus our minds and eliminate distractions.

For that reason, I rely on the following 3-phase ritual.

1. off
I clear my mind of what I’ve been doing as I put the computer to sleep. Off.

2. off
Next, I silence the phone. Off.

3. ON!
I center myself with some expansive breaths and arm circles, I think about my goals, and then I pick up my guitar and warm up with a sense of gratitude that I’m able to make music. ON!The Musician's Way book cover

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See pages 37-39 of The Musician’s Way for an inclusive warm-up procedure suited to all musicians.

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