“The ease of your entry into the music profession will largely depend
on the doors you open while you’re a student.”

The Musician’s Way, p. 305

If you’re studying music with the intention of becoming a professional, then, to succeed after graduating from a conservatory or university, you need to do much more than excel in school.

Here are five career-building maneuvers to undertake throughout your education.

All are fleshed out in The Musician’s Way on pages 299-307.

1. Draft a Career Plan
For starters, identify a range of career paths that might interest you. To learn about professional tracks, research them online, talk to teachers and mentors, visit the Music Careers page at MusiciansWay.com, and consult with your school’s career services staff.

2. Educate Yourself
Next, learn about the inner workings of appealing careers and get experience in as many of them as you can. Attend workshops, for instance, do some observing, subbing, and volunteering; maybe offer to assist busy professionals.

3. Network
Your professional network connects you to leaders in our industry and, therefore, to opportunities. Begin by assembling a network at your school – collaborate with peers, maintain positive relationships with teachers, attend numerous performances, and contribute to your school’s culture. Also go to conferences and festivals, join music organizations, and take part in local and online networking opportunities.

4. Fill Many Niches
Although ambitious performers must be sure that they play or sing at a high level, active professionals often fill roles beyond performing. They might organize concert series, let’s say, provide recording services, direct choirs, teach, contract, or publish. Take care during your education that you gain know-how in diverse career niches.

5. Polish Your Image
“To find your place in the music world, there are two images that will need your attention: your self-image and your professional image.” (TMW p. 305).

Fortify your self-image by practicing efficiently, carrying out the abovementioned maneuvers, setting attainable goals, living a balanced life, and getting feedback on your progress.

To boost your image as a pro, abide by professional standards of conduct – be punctual, prepared, and courteous; be easy to reach and quick to respond to messages; build your Web presence.

At the same time, do what you can to help your colleagues succeed as opposed to competing against them and then you’ll all rise together.

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