young woman joyfully playing a violin“How you shape your practice schedule will in many ways determine the course of your creative life.”
The Musician’s Way,
p. 11

Consistent, deep practice is the rocket fuel of musical development.

When we live by regular practice schedules we reap countless benefits.

Here are 6 major ones. See The Musician’s Way for specific strategies to maximize the productivity of your practice.

6 Benefits of Maintaining a Regular Practice Schedule

1. Insight

Our devotion to practice sharpens our artistic insight because our creative faculties get ongoing exercise.

2. Energy

During the periods between practice sessions, we know when we’ll practice next, which helps us keep our musical goals in mind, adding to our creative energy.

3. Pacing

When we know that specific times are set aside for practice, we can better pace our learning.

4. Productivity

Consistent practice enables us to be maximally productive day after day.

5. Motivation

The productivity we gain bolsters our success and amplifies our motivation to work.

6. Balance

The Musician's Way book coverBecause we carve out periods to practice, we can also set aside time for self-care, relationships, career development, and more.

As a result, we grow as artists and live balanced lives in the process.

For tools to help schedule, organize, and evaluate practice, explore the free music practice tools at

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