“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”
-Victor Hugo, (The Musician’s Way, p. 5)

All of us musicians feel something within us that cannot remain silent.

But to forge lasting, full-time music careers, we have to make wise choices about the kinds of work we do and the ways we live our lives.

This post highlight the three essential components of enduring music careers.

Three components of enduring music careers.

1. Meaningful Work
To sustain a career in the music industry, we need to engage in meaningful work.

By comparison, if we take on unsatisfying music-related jobs, we’ll eventually look elsewhere to earn a living, and then our music making could be left behind.

2. Ample Income
Along with meaning, we need our musical activities to generate sufficient income to cover our living and professional development costs, pay for insurance, fund retirement, and allow for recreation.

3. Work-Life Balance
Our musical work can be consuming, but if we don’t make room for relationships and self-care, then our physical and psychological health will suffer.

And if we become chronically unwell, our music making will probably stop.

Those three components form a triangle of sustainability. When we mind each component, we become artistically, financially, and personally strong:

Diagram Showing the Three Components of a Sustainable Music Career

See The Musician’s Way for strategies to gain the inclusive skills that make sustainable music careers possible.The Musician's Way book cover

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