Musician's Way Book Cover“Your habits in the practice room make you the musician that you are.”
The Musician’s Way, p. 20

Imagine being on stage, about to begin a performance: Are your thoughts typically focused, or does your mind race?

If you feel jittery, do you know how to attain a centered presence?

Disciplined mental habits in practice will lay the groundwork for you to direct your thoughts under pressure.

In contrast, if you routinely let your attention drift as you practice, then it’s questionable whether your mind will be steady when your stress level climbs.

Focused Mental Habits

To cultivate focused mental habits, set explicit practice goals, and then keep up a calm, alert disposition as you work.

Practice deliberately in all five practice zones, completing one small task after another.

If your attention wanes, take a break, and typically plan 5-minute breaks every 25 minutes.

Permanently say no to mindless repetition.

See The Musician’s Way for practice and performance strategies that have earned worldwide praise.

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© 2015 Gerald Klickstein
Adapted from p. 23 of The Musician’s Way