Violinist practicing“Artistic growth can continue throughout a musician’s life.”
The Musician’s Way, p. 296

Unity of body, mind and spirit lies at the center of artistic music making.

We don’t sing only with our voices, nor do we play instruments merely with our head and hands.

We perform with our whole selves.

Holistic Practice & Performance

So, let’s attend to our total use as we practice, being mindful of our breath, movements, attitude, and mental focus.The Musician's Way book cover

The more adept we become at using ourselves in integrated ways, the more effortless and authentic our performances become.

The Musician’s Way charts a path to holistic music making that has received worldwide praise.

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© 2016 Gerald Klickstein
Adapted from p. 97 of The Musician’s Way
Photo © M. Komarovsky, licensed from Shutterstock