Trio of musicians“Lifelong creativity isn’t given to you. You must earn it and attend to it every day.”
—Eric Maisel
Creativity for Life, p. 319

To build creative, satisfying careers, we musicians need to cultivate both artistic and professional abilities.

Nonetheless, few music schools adequately address students’ career development needs, despite the fact that the school’s mission statements claim to prepare graduates for professional success.

Why the omission? Most schools haven’t fully updated their curricula to match 21st-century realities.

To help aspiring musicians fill that education gap, here are 7 fundamental career-building strategies.

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Seven Career-Building Strategies for Musicians

1. Forge an artistic vision that’s specific, realistic, and altruistic.

2. Create value in society through your music, and strive to reach diverse people.

3. Differentiate yourself from others in your genre.

4. Plan for long-term sustainability.The Musician's Way book cover

5. Identify ways to gain competitive advantages.

6. Tap multiple income streams.

7. Grow an inclusive professional network.

See The Musician’s Way for guidelines to establish your musical and professional foundations.

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