photo of teacher at blackboard“There are plenty of fine teachers in the world – and some not-so-fine ones, too.”
The Musician’s Way,
p. 293

Effective teachers are leaders. Whether you’re seeking a teacher or want to improve your teaching skills, gaining insight into the nature of leadership will support your goals.

Author Warren Bennis, in Learning to Lead, pinpoints four qualities that people should look for in leaders: purpose, trust, optimism and results.

Here are ways in which effective teachers manifest those four qualities.

4 Attributes of Effective Teachers

1. Purpose: Accomplished teachers are purposeful; they convey clear learning outcomes and build shared meaning with their students.
2. Trust: They engender trust because they model high standards, organized thinking and articulate speech.
3. Optimism: They have can-do attitudes that inspire students to surmount obstacles.
4. Results: Most importantly, capable teachers get results – their students succeed inside and outside the classroom.

Bennis further states that the best leaders also motivate others. They help people feel significant, excited about their work and as being connected to a community.The Musician's Way book cover

I’ll add that capable teachers additionally commit to lifelong learning, updating their curricula with proven methodologies and helping students stay relevant in their fields.

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