pianist practicing“Ultimately, your musical progress will depend more on your skillfulness with the creative process than on any talent.”
The Musician’s Way, p. 313

When I teach introductory workshops on The Musician’s Way, I organize concepts using frameworks that musicians can flexibly apply.

Recently, I coined a two-verse poem that captures the essence of The Musician’s Way. In workshops, I use each line as a topic heading.

Here’s the poem followed by key concepts and links to related articles on this blog:

The Musician’s Way in Two Verses

Practice smart
Perform a lot
Gather ideas
Build a career

Declutter your mind
Be strong yet kind
Stoke your health
Share the wealth


Key Concepts

The Musician's Way book cover1. Practice Smart

Manage your time, materials, methods and attention to maximize efficiency and artistry.

2. Perform A Lot

Reinforce specific performance skills to build confidence and refine your style.

3. Gather Ideas

Collect ideas to advance your artistry and career – ideas for growing audiences, programming concerts, and more.

4. Build a Career

Explore career possibilities, and then pursue multiple channels to expand your professional know-how and options.

5. Declutter Your Mind

Cultivate habits of mind that allow you to focus readily, work joyfully, and create abundantly.

6. Be Strong yet Kind

Grow your resiliency and toughness while being easy to work with, supportive of others, and a sought-after collaborator.

7. Stoke Your Health

Attend to your physical and mental health, learn about injury prevention, and seek expert help when needed.

8. Share the Wealth

Perform widely, teach generously, inspire others, and bring music to people who don’t have easy access.

*  *  *

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